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Manny Cappello

Instructor, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

If you've got a great idea, if you've got a great business opportunity and you are able to execute successfully, then the sky's the limit.

Explore Your Career Options in Business, Management and Administration

Career Education programs at a California community college give you the real life experience you need to succeed.

Administrative Support

If you're a highly organized people person who likes to work as part of a team, you might consider a career in Administrative Support. People with these jobs execute the operations of an office, which includes keeping records and providing clerical and information support.

Advertising and Marketing

If you never skip past the commercials, you might consider a career in Advertising and Marketing. People with these jobs produce advertising campaigns and other marketing materials.

Business Analysis

If you're an expert on efficiency, you might consider a career in Business Analysis. People with these jobs help businesses work more efficiently and effectively by analyzing data and best practices.

Finance and Accounting

If you're a whiz with numbers, you might consider a career in Finance and Accounting. People with these jobs prepare accounting records and handle billing, taxes and payroll.

Human Resources

If you love working with people, you might consider a career in Human Resources. People with these jobs recruit, interview and train employees.


If you're a born leader, you might consider a career in Management. People with these jobs are in charge of managing various teams and operations within a business.

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Calbright College

Calbright is a new kind of college, one designed to fit the needs of people like you. We offer online job training that focuses on careers, not college credentials. If you're ready to find a career with a future, we can help you reach your goals.