Associate Degrees

Want a more affordable way to complete your general education requirements? You can accomplish that while completing courses toward your major with an associate degree from a California community college.

California Community Colleges Associate Degree Students Learning on Campus
California Community Colleges Students Working Together

What is an Associate Degree?

Associate degrees are awarded to students who complete at least 60 applicable semester-units of coursework. These include general education courses and electives, plus at least 18 units in a particular major area.


Get the money you need.

Money shouldn’t stand in the way of your educational goals. Community colleges give you a wide range of financial aid options to help pay for your education.


Improve Your Career Prospects

The road to a more secure financial future starts with a community college education.


Associate Degree for Transfer

Start at a community college, transfer to a guaranteed saved spot at a participating four-year university and earn a bachelor's degree.


We Offer Night and Online Classes

You get greater opportunities to build a schedule that fits your life.


Need Help Paying for College?

Complete the FAFSA to open the door to most types of aid. Undocumented students can receive many types of financial aid through the California Dream Act Application (CADAA)

Salary Surfer

Helping students and their families make important decisions about investing time and money in a college education.

California Virtual Campus (CVC)

Explore your options for online courses and degree programs at 70 California community colleges.

California Department of Social Services/DACA Support

California Department of Social Services funds programs and provides community education that helps immigrants living in California, including DACA students.

CalGrant GPA Verification Form

CalGrant GPAs are only accepted if certified by a school electronically or submitted on the paper GPA Verification Form. No transcripts are accepted.

CalGrant Transfer Entitlement Award

This grant provides free money for students who plan to transfer directly from a California community college to a four-year university.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment gives high school students college credit for completing college courses that also count toward their high school diploma.