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Find a Career in
Architecture and Construction

The road to your perfect career starts here. Whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them with a California community college education.

April Gaston

Student, Carpentry

I just love the environment. We need more women in the trade because it’s a male-dominant field.

Explore Your Career Options in Architecture and Construction

Career Education programs at a California community college give you the real life experience you need to succeed.


If you love to build things, you might consider a career in Construction. People with these jobs do various kinds of construction-related activities.

Maintenance and Operations

If you love to fix things, you might consider a career in Maintenance and Operations. People with these jobs install and repair mechanical equipment like refrigerators and technical systems such as security and fire alarms.

Pre-Construction and Design

If you're good at solving complex problems, you might consider a career in Pre-Construction and Design. People with these jobs design plans for buildings, landscaping and structural systems.

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If you're interested in Architecture and Construction, there is a California Community College near you.
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Calbright College

Calbright is a new kind of college, one designed to fit the needs of people like you. We offer online job training that focuses on careers, not college credentials. If you're ready to find a career with a future, we can help you reach your goals.