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Madeline Mandujano

Student, Animation

I chose this career path because I love creating amazing things and being part of a team that has the same mindset.

Explore Your Career Options in Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications

Career Education programs at a California community college give you the real life experience you need to succeed.

Audio and Visual Technology

If you like to merge art and technology, you might consider a career in Audio and Visual Technology. People with these jobs operate the technology needed for films, photography and sound recording.

Journalism and Broadcasting

If you're a born storyteller, you might consider a career in Journalism and Broadcasting. People with these jobs collect facts and write stories for the media and help transmit broadcasts.

Performing Arts

If you love the spotlight, you might consider a career in Performing Arts. People with these jobs perform in plays, dances and musical acts.

Printing Technology

If you still have a fondness for traditional media, you might consider a career in Printing Technology. People with these jobs prepare copy for publication and operate printing presses.


If you want to help people connect, you might consider a career in Telecommunications. People with these jobs install and repair telecommunication technology.

Visual Art and Design

If you're the creative type, you might consider a career in Visual Art and Design. People with these jobs create art and design graphics, fashion, interiors and commercial products.

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